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20 September 2010

Dear xxx,

Thank you for your letter dated 7 August 2010. I am very sorry that you have had cause to raise concerns with me regarding your treatment under the care of Mr YY, Consultant General Surgeon at the XX Hospital. The XXX NHS Trust takes all the views and experiences of its patients and relatives very seriously, and I therefore asked JF, General Manager for Surgery Anaesthetics, Critical Care and Urology to investigate your concerns on my behalf. Having received the necessary information I am now able to respond to you. (更多…)

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今天我终于给当初没及时给我诊断乳房肿瘤(breast lump)的医院写了投诉信。我希望那位不称职的医生不要再继续草菅人命。我对他极度不信任,因为他检查完我乳房写报告时竟然问我哪只乳房有肿块!只是这些都没证据,我当初应该不告诉他,让他把左乳房写成右乳房该多好。

下面是那位所谓的专家写给我GP并CC给我的信,具有讽刺意味的是在我在别的医院(The Royal Marsden)被确诊乳腺癌的那天我收到了这封信。

Thank you for asking us to see this patient who complained of a lump over the left breast for the last one week. She told me that her left breast had a blocked duct in 2005 following birth of a child. In 1992, she had operation for ventricular septal defect. She is healthy otherwise. There are no high risk factors for carcinoma of the breast.

On examination, she looked well. Locally, there is a 2 cm firm mobile lump over the upper outer quadrant of the left breast, which feels like a fibroadenoma (B2). Right breast, both the axillae and supraclavicular areas felt normal. I have arranged for her to have an ultrasound of the left breast plus core biopsy and we shall review her with the results.

这封来自专家的信说我看上去健康,没有患乳腺癌的高风险,可是我已经有一个2cm (在Royal Marsden记录是2.8cm) 大的肿瘤,你应该仔细诊断。 说摸起来象fibroadenoma(纤维性瘤),如果光摸就能诊断,还要ultrasound和core biopsy这些检查干嘛,况且你还感觉错误。我的左腋下他也没摸出异样来, (更多…)

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在英国生了病首先是找GP(General Practice),如果GP觉得需要(或者你自己要求)专家(Consultant)诊断就会给refer到医院,请专家看。一般来说,GP是帮你refer到本地医院,他们基本也只对本地医院的专家熟悉。听说病人其实是可以自己选择医院和专家的 (“It’s important to know that NHS patients in England now have the right to choose where and when they receive hospital treatment.”)。我第二家医院选的是NHS医院,但是我走的是private patient的渠道, Anyway, 如何找Consultant的信息是一样的。下面说说乳腺癌相关的。 (更多…)

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这两天看了一位晚期乳腺癌患者的日记 (http://www.wigstowishes.blogspot.com/)。患者名叫Dawn Hughes,2001年(36岁)初次诊断为乳腺癌,2005年癌症复发,已是晚期(癌细胞扩散到脊柱)。医生估计她能活18个月到5年。Dawn积极与癌症抗争,进行了各种各样的治疗,甚至到德国寻求她认为最先进的治疗。可惜的是,她还是去世了,没能活过五年。不过,她能活这么久已经是奇迹了。我从她的日记里感受到她饱受了痛苦。 (更多…)

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这几天的心情起伏不定,有时觉得很恐慌。8月12号,当我去Royal Marsden Hospital见Mr. Gerald Gui做了ultrasound后他跟我说”I don’t like some features”, 我就有一种预感我得了乳腺癌。 (更多…)

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